Megan WelbornEducational psychology is the study of how people learn. The online master’s degree program in Educational Psychology – Learning and Assessment offered through The University of Alabama focuses on the theory of how people learn, as well as their learning and development processes.  Upon completion of this program, I received specialized training in the field of psychological research. I am now familiar with the educational assessment and evaluation process which enables me to put my knowledge and skills into practice daily in a university setting.

This program served as an excellent stepping stone, or transitional degree if you will, toward my doctoral studies. The program focused heavily on research related to how people learn, including a culminating capstone research project completed during my final semester of enrollment. Coursework grounded heavily in theory, in addition to a robust research project, served me well in preparation for my doctoral-level coursework and the writing of my dissertation. I recall often feeling challenged inside the virtual classroom through my participation in online lecture and weekly discussion board postings and through the completion of weekly assigned readings.

I was initially drawn to the master’s degree program in Educational Psychology because of the flexibility and format. I needed a program that allowed me to continue working full time while enrolled in graduate school. It was important for me to feel connected to the University while enrolled. Even though I was a distance learner living in the state of Georgia at the time, I never felt separated from the campus. Reflecting on my time as a Bama By Distance student, I felt valued as a student. I know that the UA faculty and staff had my best interest as a student in mind. My decision to enroll in a Bama By Distance program is one of my best decisions to date.

Published: March 16th, 2021