Curriculum - MA in Special Education (Collaborative 6-12 Certification) (Blended)

The MA in Special Education Collaborative 6-12 program provides highly qualified bachelor-level certified educators teaching specific content areas at the secondary level with the opportunity to obtain master's-level certification in collaborative (6-12).

  • SPE 501 Diagnosis and Assessment of Exceptional Children and Youth
  • SPE 502 Advanced Behavior Management for Special Educators
  • SPE 503 Master's Seminar in Special Education
  • SPE 514 Teacher Consultant Models in Special Education
  • SPE 583 Creative Problem Solving
  • SPE 590 Intro to Mild Disabilities
  • SPE 592 Academic Methods-Secondary
  • SPE 593 Intro to Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 594 Methods and Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 597 Transition in Special Education
  • SPE 598 Practicum in Special Education-Secondary
  • BEF 510 Philosophy, History, and Social Foundations
  • CAT 531 Computer-based Instructional Technologies
  • SPE 500 Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth is required for those who have not taken a special education survey course

Please note that courses are subject to change.