Curriculum - MS in HES (General Studies)

This 30-hour program gives the student with specific career goals an opportunity to develop an innovative program of study with a focus on at least one area within the College.  Each student majoring in general human environmental sciences is expected to file a program of study, which must be approved by an academic advisor.

The following are some courses available to students in this program:

  • CSM 500 Personal Insurance Planning and Management
  • CSM 501 Consumer Protection
  • CSM 504 Personal Investment Planning and Management
  • CSM 506 Consumer Management Quality Assurance
  • CSM 507 Consumer Quality Management Facilitation Skills
  • CSM 508 Consumer Quality Management Systems
  • CSM 515 Customer Service
  • CSM 525 Consumer Conflict Resolution
  • CSM 554 Personal Income Tax Management Planning
  • CSM 562 Cognition, Strategies, and Technology
  • CSM 564 Digital Tools
  • CSM 566 Multimedia Design and Development
  • CSM 568 Introduction to Networking Systems
  • CSM 570 Coordination and Delivery of Information Using Digital Technology
  • CSM 572 Needs Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation
  • CSM 575 Entrepreneurship in Human Environmental Sciences
  • CSM 580 E-Commerce at the College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • CSM 581 Practicum
  • CSM 586 Consumer Management Human Capital
  • CSM 590 Special Problems in Consumer Affairs
  • HES 509 Research Methods in Human Environmental Sciences
  • HES 598 Non-thesis Research
  • HHE 515 Advances in Health Promotion
  • HHE 520 Health Behavior
  • HHE 530 Health Promotion Techniques
  • NHM 569 Community Nutrition

Please note that courses are subject to change.

Additional courses offered through various departments are available depending on the student's undergraduate preparation and program of study. With the approval of their academic advisor, students may incorporate these courses into their curriculum.