Curriculum - EdS in Secondary Education (Science Certification)

The EdS in Secondary Education with science certification requires a total of 33 credit hours of study beyond the master's degree and may be completed in as little as two years of part-time study.  Students will complete 12 credit hours in a teaching field.

Required Courses

  • CIE 620 Designing and Conducting Research on Classroom Teaching
  • CIE 625 Seminar in Science Education Research
  • CSE 665 Improving Science Instruction
  • CSE 670 Research and Theory in Secondary Education
  • CSE 693 Advanced Workshop in Secondary Education or
  • CSE 697 Educational Specialist Degree Research
  • Foundations Course - approved by advisor
  • Research Course -
    • BER 540 Statistical Methods in Education or
    • BER 600 Quantitative Research Methods in Education or
    • BER 631 Inquiry as Interpretation: Qualitative 1
  • SPE 500 Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth is required for those who have not taken a special education survey course

*Up to 9 credit hours in the teaching field graduate science courses can be transferred to the program from other institutions if they meet the following conditions: 1) The teaching field graduate courses must be advisor pre-approved and from an NCATE accredited institution of equivalent value, and; 2) The graduate courses must be within the certification subject teaching field.

Please note that courses are subject to change.