Overview - EdD in Higher Education Administration Executive Cohort

Higher Education Administration Professionals

Program at a Glance

Delivery Format - Blended

Number of Credit Hours - 66

Tuition per Hour - $720

Orientation Required - Yes

FT Study Required - Yes

Other Program Specifics - Cohort-based program

Programs, courses and tuition subject to change.

In the Higher Education Administration program at The University of Alabama, we know that choosing to pursue a graduate degree is a life-altering decision, at both a personal and a professional level.

At the personal level, it's a decision that requires hard-work, dedication, and perseverance as well as support from friends and family. At a professional level, the decision requires you to develop new knowledge and skills and even a different perspective on important issues surrounding your field. We are committed to your success in the program in Higher Education Administration.

We offer an accelerated EdD program, a curriculum designed to help you achieve your goals, small classes that encourage peer support, and opportunities to engage with a dynamic faculty. Learn more about the EdD in Higher Education Administration Executive Cohort at The University of Alabama. You will discover that we are dedicated to helping you become a leader for a changing world.

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