Curriculum - Communication Studies Minor

The online minor in Communication Studies (COM) requires 18 credit hours of COM courses. The curriculum features a flexible, developmental approach to the study of human communication. Students complete a foundational course then select a series of elective courses, to prepare themselves for the various communication challenges that characterize our rapidly changing world.

Foundational Course Requirement (3 hours)

  • COM 101 Principles of Human Communication

COM Electives (15 hours)

Distance learning students can satisfy the minor's curriculum requirements by choosing from the courses below. A minimum of 6 credit hours of upper-division (300-499 level) COM courses must be earned.

  • COM 220 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 250 Nonverbal Communication
  • COM 270 Discourse of Sport
  • COM 350 Organizational Communication
  • COM 352 Business Professional Communication
  • COM 463 Relational Communication
  • COM 195, COM 295, COM 395 or COM 495 Special Topics

Please note that courses are subject to change.

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