Curriculum - BS in HES, General Studies

The purpose of this program is to give the student with specific career goals an opportunity to develop an innovative program of study with a focus on at least one area within the College. Each student majoring in general studies is expected to file a program of study prior to the completion of 100 hours and in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The proposed course of study must include 120 hours, including the statewide general studies requirements, The University of Alabama Core Curriculum requirements, and the College of Human Environmental Sciences core.
  • The proposed course of study must give evidence that the student has built a cohesive structure of interrelated ideas around a focus within the College of Human Environmental Sciences and must include a minimum of 35 hours of coursework offered by the College of Human Environmental Sciences.
  • At the time of submission, the proposal must include a statement of approval by a faculty advisor chosen from the area of specialization.
  • The proposal must indicate that the student has examined the relationship of the proposed program to his or her career goals and post-graduation plans.

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Please note that courses are subject to change.