Proctoring Exams for Bama By Distance Testing Services

Thank you for proctoring exams for The University of Alabama. Bama By Distance Testing Services is using SmarterProctoring to schedule our off-campus proctored exams. Therefore, all proctors must have a SmarterProctoring account and will be vetted and approved by Bama By Distance Testing Services.

To add yourself and/or your institution to our approved proctor list, visit SmarterProctoring to sign up. You must select a proctor classification from the list below. Find detailed steps to sign up as a proctor here. After you have completed all registration steps, your request will be sent to Bama By Distance Testing Services for approval. It will take 4-5 days for the approval process to be completed. Once your account has been activated or if you already have an account, please sign in here.

SmarterProctoring Proctor Classification

  • Librarian (must be employed by library)
  • Testing Center (Sylvan Learning Center)
  • Institutional Testing Center (2-4 year regionally accredited college with a testing center)
  • Military Personnel (active duty only)
  • Military Base Testing Center
  • Educational Professional (high school teacher, principal, counselor – Early College only)

What is an Acceptable Proctor?

What are the criteria for being an off-campus in-person proctor for UA?

  • A two- or four-year college with a testing services area.
  • An approved education center or tutoring center, such as Sylvan Learning Center.
  • An approved public library with a currently employed librarian.
  • High school principal, advisor, or teacher (UA Early College students only).

What are the criteria for being an off-campus in-person proctor for a UA active duty soldier?

  • Education Center at the soldier’s installation
  • Commissioned Officer (0-1 and above)
  • Senior NCO (E-7 and above)

Who is NOT an ACCEPTABLE Proctor?

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Co-workers (to include supervisor, HR rep, etc.)
  • Traveling proctor (proctor who is not employed at the testing location)
  • Academic advisors, instructors or professors