Student Special: Zachary Laird

Zachary Laird didn't think he'd ever go to college, but since he started his master's in Mechanical Engineering online, he's been inspired to pursue his PhD next!

Alumni Special: J. Celeste Kallenborn

Celeste Kallenborn's career as a nurse has led her all the way to her current role as a corporate director in a major health care system. An important step on her way to this nurse executive position was earning her master's in Nursing with a concentration in Nurse Administrator 100% online from The University of Alabama.

Alumni Special: Victoria Villa

Major Victoria Villa (U.S. Air Force) earned her master's online in Health Studies from The University of Alabama while stationed in Waco, Texas, and Korea. She's ready to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) exam and looking forward to continuing to promote wellness in her military career and beyond!

Alumni Special: Beth Camp

Beth Camp welcomed her daughter and decided to stay at home with her until she started pre-K Shortly after finishing her associate degree in 1999.

Alumni Special: Lisa Costa

She was already a nurse practitioner, but it was Lisa Costa's work on the Alabama Substance Use in Pregnant Women and Neonatal Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS) task force that made her want to earn her Doctor of Nursing Practice. She completed her degree online and now she's able to bring even more knowledge to her important work on the task force and to women and babies at St. Vincent's.

Student Spotlight: Lacey Lee

Lacey is a Tuscaloosa girl who serves the county school system as a middle school counselor. She's chasing her dreams by earning her EdS 100% online in Counselor Education with School Counselor Certification.

Alumni Special: Amber Beale

Amber Beale has long dreamed of graduating from The University of Alabama, but her Navy career led her to a school with a Navy ROTC program for her bachelor's. A few years later, as she served her country on deployment to Japan, she earned her master's from UA online in Operations Management!

Alumni Special: Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson already had his master's in Math Education and a full-time teaching load plus a community college adjunct role. Through UA's online degree programs, he found time to advance his education and methods even more with an EdS in Educational Leadership (Teacher Leader Certification).

Alumni Special: Mia Mentis Stamey

Mia always dreamed of graduating from The University of Alabama, but after high school, she chose to stay home and raise her daughter near family. Years later, her daughter's diagnosis led her back to UA for her bachelor's in Nursing.

Alumni Special: Ann Hagstrom

Ann Hagstrom promised her father she'd finish her doctorate even if he wasn't around to see her graduate. After he passed away, she fulfilled that pledge through Bama By Distance. Now her family affectionately calls her "Dr. Mom."