Recruitment And Admissions Services

Picture of Megan Welborn, EdD

Megan Welborn, EdD

Assistant Director

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If there could be an award given for loving The University of Alabama, Megan would win it! She earned a BA in Communication and Information Sciences, a MA in Educational Psychology, and her EdD in Higher Education Administration from UA. As the Assistant Director of Bama By Distance Recruitment, she sees it as her daily mission to share her passion for UA, education, and student success. Her job is to oversee admission services and recruitment efforts for all Bama By Distance programs. However, her main goal is to continue sharing her enthusiasm for lifelong learning with others. Megan enjoys traveling and attending sporting events with her husband and son. She also serves as an Executive Committee Board Member for the Tuscaloosa County Alumni Association.
Picture of Jarred Twitty

Jarred Twitty

Manager of Specialized Programs

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Jarred has worked at the University for seven years and knows the admissions process inside and out. His current role allows him to assist transfer students specifically with their transition to Bama By Distance, and he enjoys connecting with students and helping them to find their path. He's so dedicated that he's even met students at coffee shops and their homes (invited, of course!) to talk them through their college choices. He's most proud of seeing one of these students succeed after he helped him or her find the right scholarship opportunity to help them chase their dreams. He loves sports, spending time with friends and family, enjoying great food and traveling!
Picture of Miranda Carlisle

Miranda Carlisle

Program Coordinator

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Have a question about UA? Miranda has the answer. Not just because she's an adjunct instructor for the College of Communication and Information Sciences, but because she's been a student here, just like you! No one knows better than Miranda. She'll help you figure out what you need to get started and hit the ground running once you do. And, if you want to know what you missed on the last episode of your favorite TV crime drama, she can fill you in on that, too.

Nakia Lee

Program Coordinator

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Nakia is passionate about making sure that students thrive and works hard to propel them forward. This makes her job as the key person responsible for tracking grants, initiatives and scholarships for our college very special to her and us! Nakia holds a B.A. in Art and Art History and worked for seven years in higher education before coming to UA. Nakia spends most of her free time with her family; however, she can also be found writing. She likes truth, justice, kindness, humor, storytelling and zone defense. In addition to UA Football, she enjoys watching the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons.
Picture of Claire Slaton

Claire Slaton

Enrollment Coordinator

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Claire has worked as a recruiting specialist for UA Early College and now as the enrollment coordinator for Bama By Distance.  She is able to combine her love of helping students with her interest in data analysis to provide nontraditional students an opportunity to earn a degree from The University of Alabama. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master of Science in Marketing, both from The University of Alabama. In her spare time, Claire enjoys crafting and decorating.  She and her husband also enjoy attending sporting events.
Picture of Donna Pickard

Donna Pickard

Admissions Counselor

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Donna has worked at The University of Alabama since January 2001. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Consumer Affairs and a Master of Arts degree in Human Environmental Sciences, both from The University of Alabama. She is married, has two grown children, two granddaughters, and a spoiled dog. Donna can usually be found supporting her granddaughters at softball games and dance recitals. She also enjoys cheering on the Crimson Tide football team.
Picture of Michele Butler

Michele Butler

Admissions Counselor

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Just a short time ago, when Michele was in kindergarten, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, and she said, "An Alabama cheerleader!" She's grateful for the chance to live out that dream through the Bama By Distance Student Services team, where she assists students with the admissions process for online degree programs through the College of Human Environmental Sciences. She earned her bachelor's in marketing from the Capstone and her MBA from the University of West Georgia. Her energetic and fun personality make her a winner as she cheers Bama By Distance students on to pursue and achieve their dreams.
Picture of Thanh Tran

Thanh Tran

Admissions Counselor

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Thanh's bright and bubbly personality makes her a perfect fit for her position as an admission counselor. She thrives when she is able to meet and get to know students on a personal level, allowing her to help ease any anxiety or fears that students may have about pursuing an online degree. She was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and completed her bachelor's degree at Western Kentucky University before relocating to Tuscaloosa with her husband. Thanh can usually be found with a good cup of coffee in her hand and spending time with her family. She also enjoys baking and traveling.
Picture of Gary Vaden

Gary Vaden

Admissions Counselor

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From your first conversation with Gary, you will recognize his passion for helping students succeed. A native Texan, Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts in music education and a Master of Education with a concentration in counseling. He worked as a high school counselor in Texas for 18 years before relocating to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His favorite part of the job is helping students achieve their dreams of obtaining a degree from The University of Alabama. In his spare time, Gary can be found at an Alabama football, softball or baseball game with his two daughters.
Picture of Jenna Hearing

Jenna Hearing

Admissions Counselor

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Jenna is a proud alumna of The University of Alabama through the Culverhouse College of Business, which her husband also attended. A Tuscaloosa native, she can offer insights and all the best tips for distance students who visit our town. Her favorite part of her role in Student Services is listening to nontraditional students talk about their drive and desire to start or finish their degree program. She also enjoys reading, cooking and travelling — her fridge boasts a collection of magnets from all of the places she has visited!
Picture of Hannah Coley

Hannah Coley

Admissions Counselor

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Hannah has a passion for serving students and helping them achieve their dreams. As proud alumna of The University of Alabama, Hannah earned her Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Higher Education Administration through Bama By Distance. Her favorite thing about the job is getting to talk with students and ease the worries of pursuing a degree online. She is a major Disney fan and avid foodie. In her free time you can find her trying new restaurants around town or trying out new recipes in her Crock Pot.


James Shamlee

Military Services/DL Testing Manager

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Soldiers make the best students. A former U.S. Army Senior Military Instructor at The University of Alabama ROTC Department, James knows it first-hand. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and later earned his M.S. in Human Environmental Sciences (Interactive Technology) from UA. When you talk to James, you'll know immediately that he loves what he does. He loves helping military students, and talking with military recruits. You'll appreciate James' give-it-all-you've-got attitude. In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with computers.
Picture of Nichelle McMullen, EdD

Nichelle McMullen, EdD

Testing and Military Services Coordinator

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Nichelle has over ten years of experience in student services, and her transcript is decorated with several degrees, all of which she has earned online. She holds a bachelor's degree in business, a master's in education, and she has a doctoral degree in adult education along with post graduate certificates in adult learning leadership and learning and accountability. It's safe to say she's an expert for distance learners! She looks forward to daily dialogue with prospective and current students who are taking steps toward accomplishing their dreams.
Picture of Rebecca Skipper

Rebecca Skipper

Testing Associate

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Rebecca helps distance students by providing and securing proctoring services for exams on and off campus. She loves taking the worry out of the equation so that all the students have to be concerned about is preparing for their tests! She has a history of helping students at the SupeStore during her undergraduate years here, and she looks forward to continuing her education at the Capstone. She loves all things Alabama and fills her spare time by watching Crimson Tide football with family and friends and working on the pottery wheel.

Sabrina Snowberger

Testing Associate

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Student Success

Picture of Sonya Dunkin

Sonya Dunkin

Associate Director

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One of the first things you'll notice when you meet Sonya is her smile. She puts you at ease from the moment you meet her. She's a person you'll always feel comfortable with when you have a question. Whether it's about military education issues, testing, choosing your degree, graduating on time, or finding a scholarship, Sonya and her team are happy to answer questions and solve problems to help students reach their goals. And if you really want to see her smile, ask her about her family. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and attending Alabama football games with her family.
Picture of Danielle Sagirs

Danielle Sagirs

Program Assistant

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Dani helps the Student Services team with everything from travel arrangements to planning the graduation reception at the end of each semester. She loves hearing from and helping distance students in her role. She graduated from The University of Alabama and loves the Crimson Tide and is also passionate about art, putting her talent to use in photography and design in her spare time.


Picture of Robert Hayes, PhD

Robert Hayes, PhD

Associate Dean

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Laura Hendley


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Program Development

Picture of Amanda McDonald

Amanda McDonald

Administrative Specialist

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Picture of Sunny Chambless

Sunny Chambless

Program Manager

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Sunny Chambless is a Program Manager responsible for programs from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Communication and Information Sciences.
Picture of Dafni Greene

Dafni Greene

Program Manager

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Dafni Greene is a Program Manager responsible for programs from the Capstone College of Nursing, College of Engineering and College of Community Health Sciences.
Picture of Jacqueline Hodges

Jacqueline Hodges

Program Manager

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Jacqueline Hodges is a Program Manager responsible for programs from the College of Human Environmental Sciences and School of Social Work.
Picture of Stephanie Lowe

Stephanie Lowe

Program Manager

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Stephanie Lowe is a Program Manager responsible for programs from the College of Education and the UA Gadsden Center.


Picture of Frank Farrar

Frank Farrar

Marketing Manager

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Frank Farrar is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Capstone College of Nursing, College of Community Health Sciences and College of Engineering.
Picture of Mike Lynskey

Mike Lynskey

Marketing Manager

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Mike Lynskey is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Communication and Information Sciences, Human Environmental Sciences and the School of Social Work.

Jessika White

Marketing and Communications Manager

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Jessika White is a Marketing Manager responsible for programs from the Colleges of Education and Business.
Picture of Jessica Ezell

Jessica Ezell

CRM Manager

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Picture of Michael Nix

Michael Nix

Internet Communication Specialist

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Picture of Amy Nichols

Amy Nichols

Content Coordinator

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Picture of Tracy Barton

Tracy Barton

Marketing Associate

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Picture of Brian Seidman

Brian Seidman

Content Editor

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Picture of Deanne Winslett

Deanne Winslett

Content Editor

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