Your degree, your career

Some Bama By Distance students know what career they want to pursue, but many are unsure. We can help with that. First off, let's look at the value of any college career.

As you can see, on average the higher your education, the more you earn and the more likely you are to be employed. Over time, a college degree more than pays for itself.

What career should I choose?

There are many resources to help you decide what path you want to take. The Career Center at The University of Alabama has many resources to help you investigate which career might be best for you.

A good first step is to look over the degrees offered through distance learning. If a few sound appealing to you, contact a student services counselor to discuss your options.

You can also find loads of important information about careers on the US Department of Labor website. The Occupational Outlook Handbook lists valuable information by profession and by industry.

Whether you decide to move up in the company you're currently with or choose a whole new direction, Bama By Distance will help you get there. Many of our graduates, who once didn't know what career path to choose, are now pursuing their dreams with a degree from The University of Alabama.