About Distance Learning

Distance Learning means earning your degree without having to live on or visit campus every day. Some distance students earn their bachelor's after many years away from school. Others earn a master's or other advanced degrees. Whatever your circumstances, our support team has helped thousands of people, just like you, to earn new degrees and new lives.

Am I Ready for Distance Learning?

How to Take Classes - The Formats

Depending on your degree, you will use one or more of the following formats to complete your coursework:

Online Courses

Students are instructed through a secured Internet site. You will interact with professors and complete lessons via e-mail. You will use the Blackboard Learn technology for online or blended classes. This system has easy to use tools which allow instructors and students to share information and discussions, as well as submit and evaluate class work and grades.

Video Streaming

Bama By Distance offers online video streaming. Lectures are recorded as they occur and streamed via the internet the same day. Students complete the same course requirements as on-campus students and take proctored exams at convenient sites.

Gadsden Education and Research Center

Established in 1946, The University of Alabama's Gadsden Education and Research Center is an off-campus program serving residents of northeast Alabama, southeast Tennessee, and northwest Georgia. The Center offers degrees in Education and Library Information.


Some degree programs are offered using a combination of the formats listed above. While online classes offer flexibility and convenience, many students also enjoy the classroom for face-to-face time with professors and peers. See each program's description page for details.