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Frequently Asked Questions

About Bama By Distance

What is distance learning?

Distance learning means you can complete college courses and earn a degree without having to visit campus regularly. Through distance learning, you can pursue your dream of earning a degree from wherever you are and around your busy schedule. Depending on the degree you choose, there are many distance formats available for completing your coursework, including online, blended and video streaming options. 

For more information on distance learning formats, click here.

Is a degree earned through distance learning the same as a traditional degree from The University of Alabama?

As a distance learning student, you will interact with the same college professors and meet the same learning standards as an on-campus student, as well as have access to the same UA resources. Just like the many generations of previous University of Alabama graduates, you will be invited to participate in graduation commencement ceremony and activities on campus alongside fellow students.

Am I ready for distance learning?

The simple answer is, you can be ready. Don't be afraid to ask for help! Your student services counselor can help you navigate through the administrative process and your professors will be an email away. There is never a shortage of people who are ready to help you. Whatever your circumstances, our support team has helped many people just like you earn a college degree.

To see if you are ready for distance learning or for more information on strategies for distance learning success, click here.

How do I decide what degree is right for me?

Choosing a degree is a very personal choice. Some distance learning students know what career they want to pursue, but many are unsure. We can help. Our student services counselors can talk to you about UA's various degree program options and the resources available to help you determine which path is right for you.

For more information and resources, click here.

How do I take tests?

Students enrolled in online or video courses have several options for completing tests. If proctoring is required, students must secure an approved proctor to administer the test.

For more information on proctoring options and locations, click here.

What resources are available to assist students academically?

Distance learning students have many resources available to help them succeed in their studies. From online library resources to tutoring assistance and technical support, The University of Alabama provides the tools and personal attention students need to perform at their best.

For additional information regarding academic resources, click here.

Admission Requirements and Process

What are the requirements for admission?

Undergraduate Admission

Distance applicants must meet general admission requirements as outlined below. Some programs, specifically Food and Nutrition and Mechanical Engineering, may have additional program admission requirements. Please consult with an Enrollment Counselor before submitting application to either of these programs.

General Admission Requirements:
  • A minimum high school GPA of 2.5 (graduation date must be at least four years prior to application date) or if you graduated from high school less than four years from the application date, you must have a minimum of 3.0 high school GPA.
  • ACT/SAT scores are not required if high school graduation was at least four years prior to application date. If graduation was less than four years prior to the application date, you must submit official test scores. 
  • A 2.0 GPA on all college level coursework attempted.
      • If you have attempted at least 24 semester hours of transferable college level coursework, you will not need to submit a high school transcript or ACT/SAT scores. Technical and military credit cannot be counted as transfer credit.
  • If you did not complete high school, but took the GED, the minimum acceptable GED score is a 510.
To Apply:
  1. Submit an application for admission at least six weeks prior to the planned entry term.
  2. Submit one official transcript from all colleges previously attended directly to the Office of the University Registrar.

Click here for additional information on undergraduate admissions.

Graduate Admission

  1. Submit an application for admission at least six weeks prior to the planned entry term. 
  2. Submit one official transcript from all colleges previously attended directly to Graduate School.
Minimum Admission Requirements:
  1. Completion of an undergraduate degree from a regionally-accredited institution or the foreign equivalent
  2. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 overall, 3.0 for the last 60 semester hours of undergraduate coursework, or 3.0 for a completed graduate degree program.
  3. If required by the academic department or degree program, a minimum score of 300 on the revised GRE (a score of 1000 if taken prior to August 2011), a 500 on the GMAT, or a score at or above the 50th percentile on the MAT. Please verify which test is required through the academic department in which your degree program resides. Exam scores must be less than five years old.

Individual departments may have additional or higher admissions standards than the minimum requirements listed above.

Click here to visit the Graduate School website.

What is the timeframe for beginning and completing a degree program (i.e. deadlines/calendar)?

If you are pursuing a bachelor's degree, you may continue to take classes until all your degree requirements are met. Master's students must complete degree requirements within six years. Doctoral students must complete degree requirements within seven to eight years depending on the discipline, and a specialist degree must be completed within six years.

What is involved in transferring from a different institution to The University of Alabama?


After you complete the undergraduate admission application, request to have your transcripts from all colleges previously attended sent directly to Office of the University Registrar. When you have been admitted, those transcripts will be evaluated by your academic division to determine how many credits can be applied to UA degree requirements.


After you complete the graduate admission application, request to have your transcripts from all colleges previously attended sent directly to the Graduate School. Evaluation of transfer credit will not be made until after you have been admitted to the Graduate School.

Will my previous credit hours be accepted when I start my distance degree program?


After you have been admitted and your transcripts have been evaluated by your academic division, you will receive a copy of the transfer credit evaluation. The maximum number of allowable transfer credit hours that can be applied toward undergraduate degree completion is sixty-one (61).

For more information on transfer credit for undergraduate degree programs, click here.


Graduate credit earned from a regionally accredited institution may be considered for transfer and applied towards the degree requirements, if approved by the department and the dean of the Graduate School.

For more information on transfer credit for graduate degree programs, click here.

How do I apply if I am in the military or a military dependent?

All military undergraduate applicants (including dependents), with the exception of Army applicants (GoArmyEd), must complete the regular online application for admissions. GoArmyEd applicants must apply via the GoArmyEd portal.

For more information on military admissions, click here.

Tuition/Financial Aid/Scholarships

What is the tuition cost per credit hour for undergraduate and graduate distance degree programs?

Current tuition rates may be found at

For more information on making payments or frequently asked Student Receivables questions, click here.

What is included/not included in tuition?

Tuition for distance learning and Gadsden students does not include course fees, facility fees, books, health services, athletic privileges, recreation or activity fees.

What types of financial aid and scholarships are available and how do I apply?

Financial aid and scholarships help many students defray the cost of courses. Students enrolled in degree-seeking programs are eligible to apply for federal financial aid and scholarships.

For more information regarding College of Continuing Studies or UA scholarships, click here.

For more information on financial aid or to apply for financial aid, click here.