Curriculum - Decision Analytics Track - MS in Operations Management

Students interested in a curriculum that combines the prescriptive modeling and analytical skills arising from UA's Operations Management program with the data management and data mining skills arising from UA's Statistical Analysis System (SAS)/Data Mining certification program may select the MSOM Decision Analytics Track.

The Decision Analytics Track requires 30 hours of coursework and can be completed in 18-24 months if students begin the program in the summer semester.

*Required Courses (21 hours)

  • ST 560 Statistical Methods I
  • ST 521 Statistical Data Management
  • ST 531 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining I
  • ST 532 Advanced Data Mining
  • OM 500 Management Science and Spreadsheet Modeling
  • OM 540 Systems Simulation
  • OM 596 Capstone Project (complete in one of the last two semesters)  

Decision Analytics Electives (6 hours)

Choose two courses

  • OM 517 Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis
  • OM 522 Production Scheduling Problems
  • OM 523 Inventory Management
  • OM 524 Manufacturing Scheduling and Control Systems

Decision Analytics Restricted Elective (3 hours)

Choose one course

  • ST 522 Advanced Statistical Data Management
  • MIS 541 Business Analytics Support Systems

Please note that courses are subject to change.

*At least one semester of calculus equivalent to MATH 121 or higher.