Curriculum - MS in HES (Interactive Technology)

Students will complete an in-depth study in Interactive Technology. The program requires 30 hours of coursework, including one course in research methods and six hours of special projects (Capstone Project). Students will work independently and in groups, as dictated by a course’s content and circumstances. Courses will focus on methods of designing, selecting, and coordinating electronic messages, products, services, systems, digital environments and software for use in organizations. Assignments are asynchronous and concentrates on how organizations and individuals interact with technology and the resulting changes associated with the emerging knowledge workplace.

Students will develop a plan of study with an advisory committee designed to work with students collaboratively, using computer-mediated technology.

Check out hardware/software recommendations and computer skills requirements.


  • HES 509: Research Methods in Human Environmental Sciences
  • CSM 562: Cognition, Strategies, and Technology
  • CSM 564: Digital Tools
  • CSM 566: Multimedia Design and Development.
  • CSM 568: Emerging Technologies
  • CSM 570: Coordination and Delivery of Information Using Digital Technologies
  • CSM 572: Needs Assessment, Planning and Evaluation
  • CSM 574: Privacy and Security in Interactive Technology
  • CSM 576: Collaborative Tools for Project Management
  • CSM 582: Non-Thesis Research
  • CSM 583: Special Problems

Please note that courses are subject to change.

Students can transfer up to 6 semester hours of graduate-level coursework, with approval from the program advisor.  Transfer coursework can be reviewed once the student is accepted into the program.