Curriculum - MS in Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Family Financial Planning and Counseling

Students must earn 30 hours of coursework including 24 hours in the area of family financial planning & counseling and 6 hours of electives. The following courses are available online as well as on the UA campus:

Required Courses (24 hours)

  • CSM 500 Personal Insurance Planning and Management
  • CSM 504 Personal Investment Planning and Management
  • CSM 510 Personal Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
  • CSM 520 Personal Estate Planning
  • CSM 554 Personal Income Tax Management and Planning
  • CSM 558 Using Spreadsheets in Financial Decision Making
  • CSM 559 Counseling Skills
  • CSM 560 Personal Financial Planning Case Study Capstone

Suggested Electives (select 6 hours)

  • CSM 524 Addictions and Dysfunctions in Money Management
  • CSM 530 Family and Consumer Law
  • CSM 535 Psychology of Money
  • CSM 537 Developing the Leader Within
  • CSM 575 Entrepreneurship
  • CSM 581 Practicum/Internship

Students must also conduct a culminating experience prior to graduation, often in the form of practicum, a portfolio or a capstone project.

Prerequisite undergraduate courses: Introduction to Personal Financial Planning (CSM 204), Introduction to Microeconomics (EC 110), and an introductory Statistics (ST 260 or BER 345). Must have earned a C or better.

Please note that courses are subject to change.