Thesis Option - MS in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

A total of 30 credit hours is required for the MSAEM and students must complete the following requirements for the Plan I (Thesis) option.

Core Course Requirement (6 hours)

Choose one Aerospace Core course and one Mechanics Core course.

Aerospace Core

  • AEM 569 Orbital Mechanics
  • AEM 582 Space Systems
  • AEM 614 Airfoil and Wing Theory
  • AEM 668 Advanced Dynamics of Flight*

Mechanics Core

  • AEM 500 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics
  • AEM 530 Continuum Mechanics
  • AEM 562 Intermediate Dynamics
  • AEM 637 Theory of Elasticity

*For those without a BSAE degree, this course has the pre-requisite of AEM 568.

Mathematics Requirement (6 hours)

Mathematics courses must be approved by the program advisor.

Elective Requirement (12 hours)

Complete 12 hours of elective coursework (6 hours must be AEM courses) that are approved by the program advisor.

Thesis Requirement (6 hours)

  • AEM 599 Thesis Research

Submit a written thesis and defend in front of a thesis committee for approval by the committee and the UA Graduate School.

Please note that courses are subject to change.