Curriculum - Advanced-Standing DL Program - Master of Social Work coordinated MPH program (MSW/MPH)

Students who are interested in this coordinated degree should separately apply to UA’s MSW program and to the Department of Health Care Organization and Policy at The University of Alabama-Birmingham School of Public Health for admission to the MPH Program. Acceptance in the MSW program does not automatically ensure acceptance into the MPH program and vice versa.

Coursework is offered primarily online with face-to-face skills labs held on selected Saturdays at regionally convenient locations across Alabama as well as Jackson, Mississippi and Atlanta, Georgia.

Bridge Courses

Spring or Summer Semester (12 hours)

  • SW 570  Research - Informed Practice
  • SW 577 Components of Human Development and Social Systems
  • SW 578 Social Welfare Policies and Delivery Systems, Social Problems, and the History of Social Welfare
  • SW 579 Components of Social Work Practice*

    *Courses with skills labs

Concentration Year

Fall Semester (12 hours)

  • SW 532 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice with Adults in Mental Health*
  • SW 533 Models and Methods of Gerontological Social Work Practice*
    - OR -
  • SW 564 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents in Mental Health*
  • SW 565 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice in Child Welfare and Family Services*
    - AND -
  • SW 501 Advanced Social Welfare Policy Analysis
  • SW Elective 

*Courses with skills labs

Spring Semester (9 hours)

  • SW 595 Field Education - 500 clock hours

UAB (MPH) Core Requirements that transfer to UA (9 hours)

  • PUH 603 Quantitative Methods in Public Health (SW 525)
  • PUH 602 Community Assessment in Public Health (SW elective)
  • PUH 604 Public Health Programs and Policies (SW elective)

Electives Typically Offered Every Year

  • SW 506 Social Service Planning and Program Development
  • SW 513 Practice in Health Care
  • SW 514 Chemical Dependency
  • SW 515 Psychopathology
  • SW 523 Family Preservation
  • SW 528 Spirituality and Social Work Practice
  • SW 529 Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
  • SW 536 Social Service Program and Agency Administration
  • SW 549 Crisis Intervention

Please note that courses are subject to change. Students interested in the coordinated program are encouraged to contact UAB for an MPH course curriculum guide.