Curriculum - MA in Secondary Education (Reading Specialist P-12 Certification)

The MA in Secondary Education for Reading Specialist Certification consists of 30 to 33 credit hours.

Required Courses

  • CIE 577 Second Language Acquisition  
  • CRD 510 Expanding Reading in the Elementary Grades
  • CRD 511 Beginning Reading in PK-Primary Grades
  • CRD 590 Seminar in Literacy Coaching
  • CRD 593 Practicum in Literacy Coaching - covers students in a variety of grade levels
  • CRD 595 Practicum - covering PK-2nd grade
  • CRD 654 Re-envisioning Literacy Assessment for Diverse Learners
  • CRD 695 Advanced Practicum in Reading Education - covering 3rd - 6th grade
  • CRD 696 Advanced Reading Specialist Practicum - covering middle and high school students
  • BER 500 Introduction to Educational Research or BER 550 Evaluation of Classroom Learning (only for those who have not taken an evaluation of classroom learning course)
  • Special education survey course (if not previously completed)

All courses are offered online.

In order to receive Alabama Class A Reading Specialist P-12 certification, individuals must hold Alabama Class B certification and complete the course requirements including 300 clock-hours of supervised practicum. Additionally, students must pass a comprehensive exam and the Praxis for Reading Specialist.

Please note that courses are subject to change.