MA in Journalism - We Don't Just Talk Cutting Edge - We Deliver

What you need to know about UA's online Master of Arts in Journalism:

Did you know earning a master's degree in journalism can create opportunities and develop skills that can make you stand out in a changing media environment? Through the online MA in Journalism, you can earn your degree from a name you trust with minimal job disruption. But what else might you gain?

Dr. Wilson Lowrey, a professor in UA's Department of Journalism and Creative Media, gave us more insight into the benefits of this program.

What makes UA's master's degree program in journalism unique?

UA's journalism program offers a range of courses that most other colleges have only talked about. The department includes award-winning journalists and researchers, and thanks to a recent merger with the Telecommunications and Film departments, the faculty now include experts in producing and researching print, digital and broadcast news; multimedia and film documentaries; media management, law and history; and media criticism.

“We offer one of the most impressive, diverse and forward-thinking faculties in the nation, and we are unusually well positioned for ‘what's next' in a dynamic, unpredictable and exciting field,” Dr. Lowrey said.

What types of skills will students gain by enrolling in this program?

“Our online MA will help students hone specific cutting-edge skill areas that most bachelor's programs don't emphasize, such as emerging forms of writing and reporting, and specialized skills for digital journalism,” Lowrey said.

“More importantly, the advanced knowledge students gain in this program will position them for later success, whether they move into management, start their own company, pursue a doctorate or teaching career, or simply want to re-tool and stay on top of trends in the field.”

How will this program help students in their careers?

This program will teach you to think about journalism beyond the reporting, writing and shooting.  You will prepare for leadership as you develop an understanding of journalism's deeper mission, its sustainability and the impact of recent changes in the field.

“The ability to understand and think creatively about our rapidly changing field will position students well as they network – with decision-makers in journalism, with high-level news sources, with investors for start-ups, and with other professions that are becoming important to digital journalism, such as data, computer and information science,” Dr. Lowrey said.

Students from any undergraduate major are welcome to apply to the online Master of Arts in Journalism.

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