Curriculum - MA in Instructional Technology

The MA in Instructional Technology program requires the completion of 30 credit hours. With adviser approval, students select courses and electives that give them the opportunity to focus on areas of interest in business or education.

Required Courses

  • CAT 531 Computer-Based Instruction
  • INTE 532 Instructional Technology Design
  • INTE 533 Online Teaching and Learning
  • INTE 534 Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology
  • INTE 535 Adaptive and Assistive Technologies
  • INTE 536 Assessment and Evaluation in Instructional Technology
  • INTE 589 Instructional Technology Research and Product Development

Elective Courses

  • INTE 537 Game-Based Learning
  • INTE 538 mLearning
  • INTE 539 Special Topics
  • INTE 540 Technology Project Management and Budgeting
  • INTE 541 IT Leadership and Administrative Technology
  • One advisor approved course outside of the instructional technology program

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Please note that courses are subject to change.