Curriculum - MA in Health Studies (Health Promotion)

The MA in Health Studies consists of 30 credit hours. Classes are offered in a flexible online format, and there are no campus visits required. By taking two courses a semester, you can earn your degree from The University of Alabama in less than two years.

Students will only be allowed to register for 12 hours in the fall and spring semesters. Only under extreme circumstances, as determined by the UA Graduate School and the Department of Health Science, will students be allowed to register for 15 hours in a given semester. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to register for more than 15 hours. Students can register for a maximum of 9 hours during the summer semester.

Students may transfer 6 credit hours into the program or take a minimum of 12 credit hours of electives, independent study or fieldwork courses from UA. Transfer credits can be no older than 6 years from the date the student graduates from UA.

Required Courses (18 hours)

  • HHE 506 Techniques of Research
  • HHE 515 Advances in Health Promotion
  • HHE 520 Health Behavior
  • HHE 530 Health Promotion Techniques
  • HHE 565 Organization and Implementation of Health Education and Health Promotion Programs
  • HHE 566 Evaluation in Health Education

Elective Courses (12 hours)

  • HHE 521 Epidemiology
  • HHE 585 Virtual Academy
  • HHE 586 Environmental Health
  • HHE 587 Diversity
  • HHE 588 Sexuality Education: Theory and Practice
  • HHE 589 Women and Health Promotion
  • HHE 590 CHES Study Course
  • HHE 596 Independent Study in Health Education

Electives should be selected in conjunction with an advisor to support the student's personal and professional goals.

Comprehensive Examinations

All students are required to pass a written comprehensive examination that addresses the content of the six required courses in order to obtain their Master of Arts degree. Students must complete all required courses before they are eligible for comps and will not be allowed to register/sit for comps if they have an "N" in any required course. In addition, it is strongly recommended comps are completed before beginning elective course work.

Graduates of the online MA in Health Studies (Health Promotion) may sit for either the Certified Health Education Specialist exam or the Master Certified Health Education Specialist exam. The CHES is a national exam to show employers that you have met the national standards to become a health educator.  The MCHES is offered to graduates who have a minimum of five years of previous work experience in health education.

Please contact Dr. Brian Gordon with any questions.

Please note that courses are subject to change.