Curriculum - MA in Educational Leadership (Instructional Leadership Certification)

Courses for the program are offered online. A new cohort of students begins each summer, fall and spring. The program consists of 30-33 credit hours.

Required Courses

  • AEL 520 Leadership for Communities and Stakeholders
  • AEL 521 Leadership for Continuous Improvement
  • AEL 522 Leadership for Teaching and Learning
  • AEL 523 Human Resources Development
  • AEL 524 Ethics and Law
  • AEL 525 Management of Learning Organizations
  • AEL 526 Data-Informed Decision Making
  • AEL 527 Internship in Instructional Leadership
  • BER 540 Statistical Methods in Education
  • Any BEF graduate level foundations course approved by advisor

Students who have not taken a special education survey course will enroll in SPE 500.

In addition to the required courses, students must complete a 10-day in-school residency and maintain a portfolio to document experiences. Students must also pass the Praxis prior to completion of the program.

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Program and courses are subject to change.