Curriculum - MA in Kinesiology (Sport Management P-12 Certification)

The MA in Kinesiology (Sport Management Teacher Certification) degree program consists of 30-33 credit hours. In addition to the required courses in sport management, finance, marketing, critical best practices and research, students complete a practicum and an internship.

Required Courses

  • KIN 500 Sociology of Sport
  • KIN 506 Techniques of Research
  • KIN 551 Sport Management Internship
  • KIN 552 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport
  • KIN 553 Sport Facility and Event management
  • KIN 555 Sport Finance
  • KIN 562 Administration of Athletics
  • KIN 585 Field Experience (Practicum)
  • KIN 588 Sport Marketing and the Media

Additional Requirements

  • Foundations course
  • Special education survey course (if not previously completed)

In order to receive Alabama Class A Sport Management P-12 certification, individuals must hold Alabama Class B certification and complete the course requirements including a minimum of 300 clock-hours of supervised internship/practicum with at least half the time in one or more P-12 school settings. Additionally, students must pass a comprehensive exam.

Please note that courses are subject to change.