Curriculum - JM - Juris Master, concentration in Taxation

The JM program requires the completion of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework over a two-year program cycle.

The course of study prepares students from accounting or business backgrounds with the fundamentals they need in personal income tax, corporate tax, partnership tax, capital transactions, tax procedure, and tax research. Students can tailor their electives with coursework that focuses on their area of expertise.

Cohorts begin in August with a required online orientation session prior to the start of classes. Orientation covers administrative policies and procedures and exposes students to their field of study. Students must also pass comprehensive exams covering the first-year required courses. These exams are administered in person in July at the Law School.

Required courses

  • Law 801 Personal Income Tax
  • Law 803 Capital Transactions
  • Law 807 Partnership Tax
  • Law 805 Corporate Tax
  • Law 808 Civil Tax Procedure
  • Law 611 Tax Research

Tax elective courses

  • Law 813 State and Local Tax
  • Law 830 Tax Accounting
  • Law 796 Tax Exempt Organizations
  • Law 831 Criminal Tax Procedure
  • Law 761 International Tax
  • Law 806 Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts
  • Law 809 Executive Compensation/Employee Benefits
  • Law 810 Estate Planning
  • Law 748 Special Problems in Corporate Law

Business law elective courses

  • Law 709 Securities Regulation
  • Law 839 Intellectual Property for Technology and Business Development
  • Law 703 Mergers and Acquisitions/Corporate Reorganization
  • Law 816 Business Drafting
  • Law 685 Business Planning
  • Law 737 Business Bankruptcy