GoArmyEd - Student Agreement

Your Student Agreement is your personalized degree map. The Student Agreement indicates what previously earned credit and any prior learning credit is applicable to your degree choice. It also designates any remaining credits required for degree completion.

Your Student Agreement will be prepared when we determine that you have satisfied all UA admissions requirements. Those requirements are satisfied when we receive and review all required transcripts and test scores and your status has been marked as "Accepted" in the GoArmyEd portal. Your academic college (Business, Nursing, HES, etc.) will prepare your student agreement for you. Contact your academic college (see below) directly to check the status of Student Agreements.

Your Student Agreement must be in the GoArmyEd portal by the time you complete six semester hours with the University of Alabama, or nine semester hours at another college or university. If GoArmyEd does not receive your Student Agreement by the deadline, then you will be placed on academic hold. Being on hold means that you will not be allowed to register for classes.

TA Students

eFile Student Agreements

Your Student Agreement will be in the form of an eFile if your GoArmyEd designated degree plan is "other degree plan." So, if your degree plan is designated "other degree plan," your academic department will email you your Student Agreement / Documented Degree Plan. Please keep in mind that if your Student Agreement is in the form of an eFile, you will not have access to the GoArmyEd Degree Progress Report.

Your eFile Student Agreement must be uploaded to the GoArmyEd portal and then reviewed and approved by an ACES counselor by the time you complete six semester hours with the University of Alabama or nine semester hours at another college or university. If your eFile Student Agreement has not been reviewed and approved by the deadline, then GoArmyEd will place you on academic hold.

To locate your eFile Student Agreement / Documented Degree Plan, please log into the GoArmyEd portal. Then, click the "eFile" tab, which is located near the top of the page and to the right. Then, click on the icon labeled "SOCAD Student Agreement / Documented Degree Plan (the icon will usually represent a PDF, Notepad, or Word document)."

eArmyU Students

Degree Progress

Unless you change your degree plan, GoArmyEd will not update your Student Agreement because it is a static document that was not designed to be an academic advisement report. Instead, GoArmyEd designed the Degree Progress Report to help you keep track of your academic progress. So, it is the Degree Progress Report that GoArmyEd periodically updates as you advance towards completing your degree requirements.

Where to find your Student Agreement and Degree Progress Report

To locate your Student Agreement and your Degree Progress Report, please log into the GoArmyEd portal. Then, go to "My Virtual Education Center" in the portal; then click the "Before you Enroll in a Course" link; and then the "View Student Agreement / Degree Progress Report" link. Finally, click the "View Student Agreement" link under the "SOCAD Student Agreement / Documented Degree Plan" category to see your Student Agreement; and click the "Launch Degree Progress Reports" link, which is located under the "Degree Progress Report" category, to see your Degree Progress Report.