GoArmyEd - Course Drop / Withdrawal

If you are dropping or withdrawing from a class after the class has begun, please be sure to contact your instructor.

Deadlines for dropping classes are as follows:

TA Refund Schedule

0-8 days after course start date - 100%
9-29 days after course start date - 75%
30-51 days after course start date - 50%
52 or more days after course start date - 0%

If you have more questions concerning dropping or withdrawing from classes:

James Shamlee, Coordinator of Military Services
(205) 348-0089 or 800-467-0227

Refund Policy

Refund periods and percentages at The University of Alabama vary based on the term. To view the current refund percentage rates, click here.

The established drop and refund dates appear in the GoArmyEd portal on your schedule of courses. Dropping courses past the established date may result in recoupment. The GoArmyEd portal also displays the last day a course may be dropped in accordance with the Army's refund policy at 100%.

If you drop a course in the UA's system (myBama), you must also drop the course through the GoArmyEd portal. If you do not drop the course through the portal, you will remain registered in the course and will be recouped on the course.