GoArmyEd - Tips for Success

Here are some useful tips that will guide you in your pursuit to become a successful on-line student:

Have a private study place

  • If you try to study just anywhere, other distractions like food or sleep may take precedence over studying.

Read the course syllabus

  • Read the entire course syllabus and familiarize yourself with it.

Devote enough time for your study

  • Although you may not keep a class attendance schedule, you must devote enough time to your studies. Be self-motivated and self disciplined. Spend at least two hours each week for every credit hour you are taking. If you do not devote sufficient time to your coursework you will be frustrated. Adhere to your study schedule.

Set Goals

  • You must set realistic goals and deadlines and stick to them. Keep a calendar of what you hope to achieve every week.

Be committed to the program

  • Let your family and friends understand what you are doing. You will need their support to be successful at online learning. There will be times when you will have to sit alone at the computer for stretches of time.

Take advantage of online conferencing

  • If your course offers a chatroom , it is important that you participate so that you do not feel isolated. You can have study buddies online. It is important that you interact with your classmates by contributing your ideas and perspectives. You will benefit from their perspectives and not just those of your professor alone.

Take advantage of anonymity

  • Since no one sees you in the online environment you can take advantage of your anonymity. You are immune from judgments that are typical in a classroom like raised eyebrows, or other students' non-verbal reactions to your contributions. You have all the time in the world to think about your answers, so you are not intimidated by students who speak faster than you.

Be polite and respectful

  • Be polite and respectful of others. Always remember that though you are anonymous you are dealing with real people. You must therefore ensure a supportive environment.

Understand Policies and Procedures

  • Make sure you understand directions and instructions from your instructor and the Academic Outreach office. Understand policies and procedures for important aspects of your education like submitting assignments and contacting instructors.

Speak up if you have problems

  • Be sure to "speak up" when you have problems. Since the instructor cannot see you, your comments should be explicitly clear. If you are having technical difficulties, report them promptly.

Be in constant touch with instructor

  • Stay in constant touch with your instructor, especially when you have questions about course materials. Get feedback from your instructor. From time to time, ask your instructor about how you are doing in the class.

Apply what you learn

  • Apply what you learn to real life situations like your job. This will help you remember it more.