GoArmyEd - Undergraduate Admissions

Admission to any undergraduate division of the University requires acceptable evidence of previous academic performance and scores on a recognized admission test.

All Army active-duty soldiers who wish to receive up-front tuition assistance must fill out a Common Application on the GoArmyEd website. DO NOT fill out a UA application.  Common Applications for admission are accepted as early as one year prior to the anticipated date of enrollment (if no courses have been taken within a year of submission of your application, another Common Application must be sent to UA).

Please note: VIA is the new process to apply for admission using the Common Application. VIA will guide you through a complete decision-making process to help you select a long-term civilian career goal, degree plan, and school.

After an evaluation of the applicant's credentials, admission is granted into various categories, depending on the strength of the applicant's academic background. Once admitted, a student may enroll in courses in any term. Prospective students should ensure that their application credentials are submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at least six weeks prior to the term of enrollment.  Click here to visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Applicants with less than 24 semester hours must submit official copies of their high-school transcripts and ACT or SAT scores. Applicants who graduated from high school at least four years prior to the date of anticipated enrollment may be admitted to the University without the ACT or SAT, provided their high-school grade point averages are 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. However, for placement purposes, the ACT or SAT may be required of all students who are enrolled.  Official ACT or SAT scores should be submitted to:

University of Alabama
Undergraduate Admissions
Box 870132
Tuscaloosa, AL  35487

Non-graduates of High School (GED)

Admission may be granted to non-graduates of high school who are 18 years of age and have been out of high school for a minimum of one year. Applicants must score at least 500 on the General Educational Development (GED) Test and submit acceptable ACT or SAT scores. Applicants 23 years of age and older are required to score at least 500 on the GED test. In addition, they may be required to submit ACT or SAT scores for advising purposes.

The University of Alabama does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or veteran status in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or services as required by federal law.

Check your Application Status

To check your application status logon to myBama.ua.edu.  Click the Academics tab near the top of the page.  The Admissions section is located along the left-hand side of the page.  In the list of items for Undergraduate Admission, click the Check My Application Status link and proceed.  To view all information pertaining to your application, to include transcripts received, please be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Placement Testing and CLEP Exams

Beginning July 2001, CLEP examinations changed from a pencil-and-paper (P&P) format to a computer-based (CBT) format. The content of the exams was also changed; therefore, approved exams and their UA equivalents have been modified to reflect those changes.

CLEP scores must be available before the beginning of the semester in which the student wants them to be applied. A student may not have been enrolled in a comparable course for more than 30 days. In certain instances, a student may be permitted to take one or more of the examinations after an initial semester of enrollment in college. Applicability toward a degree is determined by the school or college in which the student is registered.

The University recognizes CLEP examinations taken at any national CLEP test center. Examinations are administered on campus at Testing Services, 205 Student Services Center, (205) 348-6760.

CBT CLEP Subject Examinations

All divisions of the University may grant credit for CLEP Subject Examinations in lieu of enrollment in an equivalent course, provided that such credit is applicable to the degree program in which the student is enrolled. Students may take CBT CLEP Subject Examinations at any time during their college careers, provided they have not been enrolled in the equivalent courses for more than 30 days. Credit may not be received for both the subject examination and its equivalent (either another examination or a course taken for credit). Approved CBT subject examinations and their UA course equivalents can be viewed by clicking here (please scroll down the page for CLEP table).

Transfer Credit for Service Experiences

A variety of educational opportunities available through formal military service, school training programs, and off-duty educational activities are recognized as sources of college credit.  Academic divisions of The University of Alabama may accept such credit for transfer, subject to any restrictions established by each division.

The United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI), the Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES), and other agencies report activities that may provide college credit.  The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services (American Council on Education) is an additional guide to determining whether a service-related activity may provide college credit.

For further GoArmyEd undergraduate admissions information, please contact:

James Shamlee
(205) 348-0089 or 800-467-0227