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Curriculum - EdD in Instructional Leadership, concentration in Nurse Education

Sample Curriculum

Fall I

  • AEL 667 Multicultural and Social Education for Leadership Personnel
  • AIL 600 Integration of Technology in Education and Training
  • NUR 531 Nursing Faculty Roles and Responsibilities

Spring I

  • BEF 644 Philosophy of Science and its Relation to Education
  • AIL 602 Electronic Instructional Design
  • NHM 580 Research Statistics for Health Professionals

Summer I

  • BER 631 Inquiry as Interpretation
  • BEP 541 Learning Theories and Design of Learning Environments
  • BER 540 Statistical Methods in Education

Fall II

  • NUR 532 Instructional Media in Nursing Education
  • AEL 620 Curriculum: Theory and Practice
  • AIL 604 Distance Technologies

Spring II

  • AHE 603 College and University Teaching
  • NUR 540 Nurse Educator Practicum

Summer II

  • AEL 671 Survey of Instructional Supervision
  • NUR 696 Seminar in Quantitative Research (Students may take this or BER 632)

Fall III

  • BEF 641 Studies in the Social Foundations of Education
  • BER 632 Qual II (Students may take this or NUR 696)

Spring III

  • AEL 681 Ethics and Education
  • AEL 699 Dissertation Research

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Please note that courses are subject to change.

Students must pass a comprehensive exam to graduate from the program.

This program requires a field placement component and it is the student's responsibility to secure a site for the field placement. This program is not intended to lead to educator certification. Educators are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether completion of this program leads to eligibility for salary advancement.