Student Dissertations - EdD in Higher Education Administration Executive Cohort

The decision-making process of Louisiana's executive university leaders during declining state appropriations from 2008 to 2016

  • Dr. Kelsey Walden Bohl, Cohort 11
  • Dr. Claire Major and Dr. Arleene Breaux, Chairs

Pathways to the baccalaureate: Exploring graduating transfer students' involvement at a four-year institution

  • Dr. Amelia Bickel, Cohort 11
  • Dr. Frankie Santos Laanan, Chair

Exploring student experiences of faith development through intercollegiate athletic participation

  • Dr. Tim Sceggel, Cohort 10
  • Dr. Nathaniel Bray, Chair

Department chairs' research-related roles and responsibilities

  • Dr. D. Jay Cervino, Cohort 10
  • Dr. Claire Major, Chair

Agricultural education at the Virginia Military Institute during the 1850's

  • Dr. Michael Wallace, Cohort 9
  • Dr. Philo Hutcheson, Chair

Bennett College: Faith, Protest and Race 1960-2000 

  • Dr. Sharon Height, Cohort 9
  • Dr. Philo Hutcheson, Chair

A case study of early career faculty in a medical environment

  • Dr. J. Michael Mathis, Cohort 9
  • Dr. Karri Holley, Chair

The college choice process: A qualitative review of the role of parents in freshman, first-generation scholarship recipients' access to higher education

  • Dr. Ronald Hebert, Cohort 8
  • Dr. Karri Holley, Chair

Division II NCAA male athletes and risk taking behaviors

  • Dr. Matthew Kerch, Cohort 8
  • Dr. Nathaniel Bray, Chair