Student Dissertations - EdD in Higher Education Administration Executive Cohort

Graduate Theology School Choice: An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Minority Master of Divinity Students

  • Shonda Jones, author
  • Karri Holley, chairperson

Cognitive and Noncognitive Predictors of Student-Athlete Academic Success and Academic Progress Rates

  • Janet Moore, author
  • Nathaniel Bray, Co-Chairperson
  • Margaret King, Co-Chairperson

Partnering for Change in Dance Higher Education

  • Ivan Pulinkala, author
  • Karri Holley, chairperson

The Sorority Life: Women in Greek Letter Organizations at a Polytechnic Institute

  • Lauren Lunk, author
  • Claire Major, chairperson

Trust and Institutional Culture: Exploring Trust Between the Higher Education President and the Presidential Assistant

  • Leslie Mann, author
  • Karri Holley, chairperson

Examining the Relationship Between Campus Internationalization and Organizational Culture

  • Cindy Greene, author
  • Claire Major, chairperson

On the Road to Graduation: The First-Year Experience of Students at a Historically Black College

  • Griena Knight Davis, author
  • Karri Holley, chairperson

Trust in Times of Challenge: Exploring the Relationships of Faculty and Administrators at Small, Private Under Resourced Colleges

  • Cherron Hoppes, author
  • Dr. Karri Holley, chairperson