Curriculum - BS in HES, Early Childhood Education

The BS in HES, Early Childhood Education (ECE) is designed for those who are currently working in or interested in working in early child development programs. The ECE program requires the completion of 120 hours with a minimum of 30 hours from The University of Alabama. No more than 60 hours can be transferred from a two-year institution.

 Students will be required to complete an internship (6 credit hours) and any courses needed to satisfy the core curriculum as well as additional major courses, which will be offered online.

 Major Courses:

  • HD 101 Life Span Human Development
  • HD 202* Infancy and Toddlerhood
  • HD 205* Preschool Development
  • HD 302 Child Development, Adolescence
  • HD 321* Conceptual Creative Experiences for Young Children I
  • HD 322* Conceptual Creative Experiences for Young Children II
  • HD 382 Parent and Family Development
  • HD 422 Child Centers and Programs
  • HD 472 Program Evaluation - View a sample of this course - students are asked to participate in a matching exercise to review research design.
  • HD 495* Early Childhood Education/Development Internship
  • BER 345 Educational Statistics
  • BSC 109 Intro Biology for Non Majors
  • PY 101 Intro to Psychology
  • SPE 471 Developmental Perspectives of Young Children with Disabilities - View a sample of this course

*Course requires a field placement component at a NAEYC accredited preschool.

It is the student’s responsibility to secure a site for the field placement. Educators are advised to contact their individual school districts as to whether this program may qualify for salary advancement.