Back to Bama Frequently Asked Questions

What is Back to Bama?

Back to Bama is an initiative to encourage individuals who left The University of Alabama before they graduated to return and complete their undergraduate degrees. We want you to know that you still belong here and that it is never too late to come back to Bama!

How do I get started?

Contact the Bama By Distance Student Services office at 800-467-0227, 205-348-0089 or to speak with a Bama By Distance team member about finishing your degree.

Am I eligible for the Back to Bama tuition grant?

To be eligible for the Back to Bama grant, you must:

  • Have previously attempted 15 hours at The University of Alabama
  • Not already hold an undergraduate degree
  • Have not been a UA student for at least a year
  • Not have any holds on your record
  • Already be readmitted to UA and registered for your return term
  • Not have previously received the grant
  • Not be receiving any other College of Continuing Studies grants

Apply for the Back to Bama tuition grant.

What are my degree format options?

You can enroll as a main campus or distance learning student.  Main campus students complete courses on campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Through Bama By Distance, you can complete courses online or in other convenient formats, on your schedule from any location. View a complete listing of main campus degree programs and distance degree programs here.

What if I left UA in poor academic standing?

If you have been away from UA for more than 3 years and your GPA was less than a 2.0, you may be eligible for Academic Second Opportunity.

A Bama By Distance team member can help determine whether Academic Second Opportunity is an option for you.

What if I want to change my major?

That's fine. Your discussions with the Bama By Distance team member will help you identify your best path. Have those discussions before you are readmitted so we can make sure that you get started back in the correct college and degree program.

How much will it cost?

View University of Alabama main campus and distance learner tuition rates.

I don't live in Alabama. Will out-of-state tuition be charged?

Students enrolled in a Bama By Distance degree program or admitted as an online, non-degree seeking student pay the same distance learning tuition rate regardless of residency. Please note that the tuition rate does not include any course or test-proctoring fees. If you are in an on-campus degree program or if you plan to finish by taking on-campus courses, the standard campus tuition rates apply.

What kind of financial aid is available?

Financial aid is available to both main campus and Bama By Distance students. To apply for federal financial aid (including possible federal grants and loans), complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. If you have further questions about financial aid, visit UA Student Financial Aid.