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Back to Bama Eligibility

To be eligible for the Back to Bama tuition grant you must:

  • have previously attempted 15 hours at The University of Alabama.
  • not already hold an undergraduate degree.
  • not have been enrolled as a UA student within the last year.
  • have no holds on your UA record.
  • be readmitted to UA and registered for courses.
  • not have previously received this or any other College of Continuing Studies tuition grant.

Application deadlines:
Fall Semester - August 1
Spring Semester - December 1
Summer Semester - May 1

If you started your bachelor's degree at The University of Alabama but didn't complete it, we'd like to welcome you back to Bama. The College of Continuing Studies at UA is committed to providing education that fits your life. Initiatives like Back to Bama can help you find your place at UA, even if you're juggling a family, career and other responsibilities and even if you're not on campus.

Also, if you left UA with less than good grades, you may be eligible for Academic Second Opportunity (ASO). ASO is an academic relief option that allows former students to return to UA with a second chance at doing well academically.

To apply for the Back to Bama grant, you must first apply for readmission to The University of Alabama. Once you have been readmitted to the university, you can then apply for the Bama to Bama Tuition grant.

Apply for the Back to Bama tuition grant.

To receive the Bama to Bama grant, you have to be readmitted and registered for the term you wish to re-enroll in order to receive the grant. If you qualify for the Back to Bama program, you can either complete your undergraduate degree on campus or through one of our Bama By Distance undergraduate degree programs. More information about the Back to Bama tuition grant can be found here

If you don't qualify for Back to Bama but are still interested in working on a degree, check out our degree programs at

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