Curriculum - Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

This program consists of 120 hours of coursework and includes general education requirements, major courses, electives and field education. Most coursework can be completed online*, while the skills labs and field education are in person.

Lower Division Courses

  • SW 100 Introduction to the Fields of Social Work Practice
  • SW 101 Orientation to Social Work
  • SW 200 History of Social Welfare in the United States

Upper Division Courses

Students must complete 54 hours of general education and Social Work requirements and be accepted to the Professional Program prior to enrolling into 400 level courses.

  • SW 310 Professional Writing Seminar
  • SW 351 Oppression and Social Injustice
  • SW 401 Social Welfare Policy and Services
  • SW 410 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
  • SW 411 Human Development and the Social Environment II
  • SW 420 Research for Social Work Practice
  • SW 440 Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
  • SW 441 Social Work Practice with Groups
  • SW 442 Social Work Practice with Communities
  • SW 443 Seminar in Generalist Practice
  • SW 444 Field Preparation Seminar

Field Education (9 hours)

  • SW 490 Field Education

Electives (6 hours)

  • Students select from two approved courses

*Students must transfer in an approved public speaking course to fulfill the COM 122 or COM 123 requirement as well as an approved social psychology course to fulfill the SOC 205 or PY 372 requirement.

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Please note that courses are subject to change.