Important Registration Information

ALL STUDENTS MUST BE ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY PRIOR TO ENROLLING IN COURSES THROUGH MYBAMA. If you are not admitted, visit the How to Apply section of our website and follow the admissions instructions.

If you have been admitted to The University of Alabama and wish to enroll in a course, follow these registration instructions.

You may view available courses by logging into myBama. If you have not yet been admitted to UA you can search for courses by clicking on the 'Guest Sign In' tab on the main page of myBama. Click on 'Guest Resources' and then 'Class Schedule'. To search for online or video courses you would click on those titles under 'CAMPUS'.

Academic Advising

All students should be advised prior to registering for coursework.  Academic advising is conducted in the individual colleges. View the college advising list here.

Please allow up to two weeks after admission for advising.