Distance Course Policies

Enrollment and Refund Policy

Online semester based course(s)

Tuition refund will be based upon the Campus deadlines for tuition refunds. Last day to drop and receive a refund follows the regular University schedule for campus courses. Refer to Student Receivables' website for dates.

***Students cannot withdraw from an open enrollment (6 months) online course after they have been enrolled for 4 months from their start date. Students must complete the course or receive a failing grade. Students must email registrar@ua.edu to request to drop a course. Graduate students must contact the graduate school.

Open enrollment (6 month) online course

Tuition refund is as follows: 1-30 days of enrollment refund is 100%. If enrolled for more than 30 days, you will not receive a tuition refund. ***Day 1 begins on the date you chose as your “start date” when you registered in myBama.

Any refunds due will be posted to your Student Receivables account. You will need to check myBama for any credits to your account.

Grading Policy

Distance learning students are subject to and have the same access to academic calendars, grading policies and refund policies as Campus students. Refer to Registrar's website for grading policy.

If you have any questions, you should contact Academic Outreach Student Services at (205) 348-0089 or 800-467-0227, or email us at: uadistance@ua.edu.