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So You're Going to a Transfer Fair

As an adult student, you may read this headline and think, “Aren't transfer fairs for 20-year-old students moving away from home to attend college? If I complete a bachelor’s degree, I’ll have to do it online. A transfer fair isn’t for me.” This is a myth I am pleased to debunk. Transfer fairs serve all community college students who are contemplating that next step and provide an opportunity for students to speak with representatives from lots of four-year colleges in the span of just a few hours. 

Community colleges typically host at least one transfer fair per academic year during the fall or spring term. Student services staff put a lot of planning into transfer fairs. They are eager to help you learn how you can earn your degree – whether it’s through a program offered on campus or through a dynamic distance learning program. 

Follow these tips to prepare for your first community college transfer fair. 

Do your homework.

  • Confirm the date, time, and location. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to spend at the fair.
  • Ask a student services representative which colleges will be represented at the fair. Check websites to find out which colleges offer your program of interest. That way you will know which tables to place in your “can’t miss” category. 

Ask questions.

  • Don’t be shy about walking up to a recruiter and asking questions. Talking with students is our favorite thing about transfer fairs! Make sure you ask questions about the basics: minimum admission requirements, application deadlines, scholarships and financial aid, and any on-campus requirements for distance learning programs.
  • Take a business card with the recruiter’s contact information so that you can get in touch again if you have more questions. Be sure to grab a pen or key chain too! 

Keep an open mind.

  • You may already know which college you want to attend, but I encourage you to talk with a representative from every college that offers your program of interest. It never hurts to compare several different colleges, and talking one-on-one with a recruiter could uncover game-changing information. The worst-case scenario is you would be out just a few extra minutes, and you’ll have made the day of an eager recruiter who loves talking with students. 

Next time you see an announcement for a transfer fair, consider making plans to attend. You could change the course of your future for the better!