Celebrating our Spring 2017 Graduates

The thought of starting a degree program can be stressful, but completing a degree program gives you an overwhelming sense of accomplishment — and opens your life to new opportunities. For recent graduates, walking across the stage to receive a college diploma marks the end of a rewarding journey — earning a degree from The University of Alabama.

Like all UA students, the University invites distance learning students to attend graduation on campus. In May, Bama By Distance hosted its second graduation reception and welcomed over 150 graduates from 23 states and three countries. After years of working together, students, professors, classmates and their families had an opportunity to meet face-to-face — and have a little fun! They shopped at the Supe Store booth, toured the Paul W. Bryant Museum and met with representatives from UA’s National Alumni Association.

Crowd at reception

We were honored to share this moment with so many graduates, and we hope that their words can help encourage you if you’re considering enrolling in an online degree program from UA.

“This has been an incredible journey. Getting my MSW from The University of Alabama means that I will enter the social work profession not only with an excellent education but also with compassion and practical knowledge. The professors at The University of Alabama have been amazing. They shared their experience and time without hesitation and have instilled in me compassion for the clients I’ll be working with.” - Carin Ikenberg, Master of Social Work

Supe Store Table

“Earning my degree from The University of Alabama means I will have a degree that is respected nationally. The University of Alabama has high academic standards and knowing I met all of the requirements to earn a terminal degree from such a prestigious institution makes me feel very proud.” - Betty Ann Key, EdD in Instructional Leadership, concentration in Nurse Education 

“The University of Alabama was my primary choice. Because of UA's distance learning program, I was able to live out my ultimate dream — I could complete my degree without having to relocate away from my loved ones. UA provided some challenging courses taught by the most competent of faculty.” - Frances M. Otero, Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Sciences (General Studies) 

“It is incredibly fulfilling to have completed an advanced degree while simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army as a logistics officer. Four years ago I would have never even considered graduate school as an option, but I just finished my master’s degree. I'm thankful for The University of Alabama for helping me achieve this milestone in my life.” - Brian Naughton, Master of Science in Operations Management

Dean Edelbrock Speaking

“This is a great institution of higher learning. I felt supported, encouraged, and most importantly, I am confident in the wealth of knowledge my professors shared. It is with pride and confidence that I tell others about my experience at The University of Alabama. It is not because of the name or international recognition; it is because I felt like I truly mattered as a student here.” - Brandy Love, Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences (Human Nutrition) 

If you are ready to start your UA journey or have any questions about earning your degree from The University of Alabama through distance learning, please contact us to learn more!