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Celebrating December Graduates

Commencement is always a special time for graduates and their families as they celebrate the culmination of all their hard work. The determination required to earn a degree from The University of Alabama deserves recognition along with a sense of pride in personal achievement. Graduation is a time to celebrate this success and look forward with great anticipation to the next steps of the journey. We were thrilled to have some of those graduates join us in Tuscaloosa to receive their diplomas. 

Like all UA students, the University invites distance learning students to attend graduation on campus. In December, Bama By Distance hosted a graduation reception and welcomed 81 graduates from over 25 states. After years of working together, professors, students and their families had an opportunity to meet face-to-face — and have a little fun! They shopped at the Supe Store booth, toured the Paul W. Bryant Museum and met with representatives from UA’s National Alumni Association. They enjoyed refreshments, snapped selfies in our photo booth and even grabbed a hug from Big Al. 

December 2017 Graduation Reception

We were honored to share this moment with so many graduates, and we hope that their words can help encourage you if you’re considering enrolling in an online degree program.

“I have plans to earn a doctoral degree and now that I’ve completed my master’s degree I’m one step closer. I'm proud to be considered alumni and a part of the rich legacy of The University of Alabama. I feel like I've gained the skills necessary to make significant contributions at work and I look forward to the doors of opportunity it will open. Not only do I believe it will benefit my career, but also my interactions with family, friends and the community. In sum, I'm a better person because of my time spent at UA.” – Brandon Bennett, Master of Arts in Communication Studies

“Returning to school as an older student came with some challenges. The responsibilities of a full-time job and family life narrowed my options to distance learning, but I didn’t just want any online program. Many colleges offering online programs were lacking historical context and proven educational value. When I discovered The University of Alabama’s online program, I was sure it would mirror the same high-quality education offered in the traditional setting.” – Katumu Zinnah, Master of Social Work

“When I felt the time was right to complete my degree, I immediately began with Bama. The friendly help, phone calls and emails I received from the beginning from the Student Services staff made it a ‘no brainer.’ There is no place I would have rather been, and the folks at UA made me feel welcome and important.” – Gerard Geis, Bachelor of Science in General Studies

“The University of Alabama is a household name across the country, and as an Alabama native I have always had a dream to attend. I was thrilled to find that I could complete my degree online quickly and at a reasonable cost. Moreover, when I read and heard testimonials about the support and dedication the instructors provide to the students, it was a very easy decision.” – Ellen White, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

If you are ready to start your UA journey or have any questions about earning your degree from The University of Alabama through distance learning, please contact us to learn more!