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Admissions Requirements/Process [Top]

What are the requirements for admission into both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs?


The minimum requirement for undergraduate admissions for adult students (students who have been out of high school at least 4 years) is  a 2.5 high school GPA on a 4.0 scale or a minimum GED score of 510.
Application for admission must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the planned entry term.
Applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges attended.  If an applicant has completed less than 24 credit hours of transferable college-level coursework, a high school transcript must also be submitted.
Additional information on undergraduate admissions is available at www.apply.ua.edu .


The minimum requirements for admission to Graduate School are:

   1) Completion of an undergraduate degree from a regionally-accredited institution or the foreign equivalent for an international applicant.
   2) An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 overall or a 3.0 for the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate coursework
   3) A 3.0 for a completed masters degree from an accredited institution.
   4) An acceptable graduate entrance exam score:  GRE (1000), GMAT (500) or the MAT (50th percentile). Please verify which test is required through the department in which your program resides.

Application for admission must be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the planned entry term.
Individual departments may have additional or higher admissions requirements than the minimum requirements listed above.  Additional requirements can be viewed on the Graduate School website at graduate.ua.edu.

How do I begin the admission process for an undergraduate degree program or a graduate degree program?

The admission process begins with the completion of an undergraduate or graduate application. These applications may be found and completed online or downloaded and submitted by mail. The undergraduate application can be found at www.apply.ua.edu. The graduate application may be found at graduate.ua.edu/application.

What is the timeframe for beginning and completing a degree program (i.e. deadlines/calendar)?

Master’s students must complete degree requirements within six (6) years.  Doctoral students must complete degree requirements within seven to eight (7-8) years depending on the discipline. Undergraduate students may continue to take classes until all degree requirements are met.

What is involved in the transfer process from a different institution to The University of Alabama?

Simply complete the appropriate application for admission to The University of Alabama.  Request to have transcripts from all previously attended institutions sent to The University of Alabama.

Will my previous credit hours be transferred/accepted when I start my distance degree program?

Transfer credit is evaluated after receipt of official transcripts from all colleges attended and admission is granted.  The maximum number of allowable transfer credit-hours that can be applied toward degree completion is sixty-one (61). 

Undergraduate degree completion requires between 120 and 128 credit hours.  The majority of disciplines require 120 hours.

Will my previous test scores such as GED, SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT be accepted? Is there a specific length of time the scores remain acceptable?

Previous entrance exam scores will be accepted if the score meets minimum requirements and is less than five (5) years old.

How do I apply if I am in the military or a military dependent?
All military applicants (including dependents), with the exception of Army applicants (GoArmyEd), must complete the regular online application for admissions.  GoArmyEd applicants must apply via the GoArmyEd portal. All military applicants who wish to apply to the Graduate School must complete the online graduate application for admission and submit all required application documents. 

Tuition/Financial Aid//Scholarships [Top]

What is the tuition cost per credit hour for undergraduate and graduate degree programs?

Tuition cost varies from year to year and is set prior to fall semester of the academic year.  Current tuition rates may be found at www.cost.ua.edu

What is included/not included in tuition?

Students enrolled in online or other distance courses are only charged the hourly course rate and applicable course fees. The tuition does not include health and activity fees or facilities fees. 

Does the program delivery format affect the cost?

No.  If you are enrolled in a “Distance Degree” program, there is no difference.  You will be charged the distance rate (hourly tuition rate).

Is there a difference between in-state and out- of- state tuition for distance learning?

No.  Distance students (students who are enrolled in a distance degree program) are not subject to in-state or out-of-state tuition charges.  Distance students pay the flat hourly tuition rate.

What types of financial aid and scholarships are available and how would I apply? How is eligibility determined?

Students enrolled in distance degree programs are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. Click here to view financial aid information.

The College of Continuing Studies offers several scholarship opportunities each year.  You may view scholarship information here.

What is the policy regarding non-university tuition assistance (i.e. financial aid, scholarships, grants) such as Air Force Tuition Assistance or some other form of outside help or scholarship?

The University of Alabama does allow students to use employee assistance or other forms of tuition assistance programs to cover tuition cost.  Arrangements for such tuition assistance payments  to be applied to your account must be made with the Student Receivables office (Third Party Billing) here at The University of Alabama.
Does the University of Alabama participate in the “Yellow Ribbon” program for military personnel?
Yes.  The University of Alabama is a participating institution with the “Yellow Ribbon” tuition assistance program for military personnel.  Also, beginning October 1, 2009, qualified reserve members may utilize their Post-911 tuition assistance benefits at The University of Alabama.

Printed Materials/Specific Degree Question/Program Offerings/Curriculum  [Top]

Is there a place that I can find/print/request all of the necessary information for specific degree programs (i.e. admission, cost, curriculum, objective, formats)?
Information on all of the degree programs and special programs offered by the College of Continuing Studies may be found here.

How long do I have to complete a course?

Most of the courses offered online are semester-based, which means you must start the course at the beginning of the semester and be complete by the end of the semester.  The only open-learn courses currently being offered are a part of the Masters in Health Studies curriculum.  All other courses are semester-based.

Student Services [Top]

Am I eligible to purchase student football ticket packages?

The distance tuition rate does not include the activity fee.  Therefore, distance students who wish to be eligible to purchase tickets to athletic events at the student rate must pay the activity fee in addition to the regular distance tuition charge.

Do I have to be online at a specific time each day? 

No.  Online courses do not require you to be online at a specific time each day.  However, certain courses may require you to participate in discussion boards each day.  But, this participation does not require you to be online at a specific time.

How do I take tests?

Testing for online courses is done online.  Students must secure an approved proctor for the test.  Approved proctors are other four year institutions, two-year institutions, Public Libraries, approved military officers. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate test and exams within their individual time zones in order to ensure that test are taken and submitted by the due dates.  The University of Alabama is on Central time.

What resources are available to assist students academically?

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides online tutorial assistance for most of the general core courses.  The Writing Center provides assistance with written course assignments.  You may obtain additional information regarding academic resources here.