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Curriculum - Alternative MA in Special Education (Collaborative 6-12 Certification) (Blended)

Students enrolled in the Alternative MA program must complete four undergraduate deficiencies* prior to formal admission into the teacher education program. To meet No Child Left Behind requirements, students in the alternative program must also complete 12 credit hours of coursework at the undergraduate level in math, science, English, and social science. These courses are main campus courses and offered in the traditional format. Students in the alternative program must complete an internship. The internship requires students to spend one semester teaching in a school located in Alabama under the guidance of a certified teacher.

Curriculum (45-48 credit hours plus any deficiencies)

  • *SPE 304 Instructional Strategies in Special Education
  • *EDU 200 Orientation to Teacher Education
  • *BEF 362 School, Culture, and Society
  • *HD 101 Life Span Human Development
  • SPE 500 Intro to Exceptional Children and Youth
  • SPE 501 Diagnosis & Assessment of Exceptional Children and Youth
  • SPE 502 Advanced Behavioral Management for Special Educators
  • SPE 503 Master's Seminar in Special Education
  • SPE 514 Teacher Consultant Models in Special Education
  • SPE 516 Communication and Consultation
  • SPE 583 Creative Problem Solving
  • SPE 590 Intro to Mild Disabilities
  • SPE 592 Academic Methods-Secondary
  • SPE 593 Intro to Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 594 Methods and Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 597 Transition in Special Education
  • SPE 598 Internship in Special Education-Secondary
  • BEF 510 Philosophy, History, and Social Foundations
  • CAT 531 Computer-based Instructional Technologies
  • CRD 512 Improving Reading in Secondary Schools

Please note that courses are subject to change.