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Curriculum - MS in HES (Consumer Quality Management)


  • CSM 506 Consumer Management Quality Assurance: Provides in-depth coverage of the primary theories and methods necessary for quality assurance in a wide range of organization settings.
  • CSM 507 Consumer Quality Management Facilitation Skills: Provides a comprehensive study of facilitation skills necessary to lead an organization in continuous improvement.
  • CSM 508 Consumer Quality Management Systems: Provides an in-depth analysis of management systems as a method of organizing and leading business, educational, and health care institutions. This course will cover the primary issues related to management systems.
  • CSM 515 Customer Service: Provides an in-depth study of the functions and structures of customer relations as it relates to business and government agencies. Analyzes consumer needs, complaints and education.
  • CSM 547 Digital Resources: Provides students with technological skills to live and work in a digital environment. This course trains students in the use of computers, Internet, Web 2.0, mobile devices and other digital tools. Aids graduate students in any major skills to enhance their career paths. 
  • HES 530 Managing in High Performance Organizations: This course will provide an interactive exploration of management skills that enable an individual to effectively communicate, build and lead teams, delegate, make presentations and manage priorities to achieve success.

Research Course

  • HES 509 Research Methods: Introduction to theories and methods of research appropriate for human sciences; examination and evaluation of current research. Selection and planning of a research project are required.

Elective Options


  • CSM 525 Consumer Conflict Resolution: Exploration of practical conflict management and a survey of the theory and practice of formal mediation. Explores the history, nomenclature, strategies and approaches to conflict mediation.
  • CSM 537 Developing the Leader Within: In-depth analysis of leadership principles, qualities, styles and models with a focus on developing leadership skills, potential within the individual students. Designed to assist students in identifying opportunities for improvement.



  • CSM 549 Professional Social Networking: The course content is focused on current genre of communication tools identified as "social media." Content includes an overview of the origins of the current social media tools, definitions and terminology, and case studies of current uses of social media in specific settings.
  • CSM 574 Technology Privacy and Security: This course is an introduction to some of the basic issues confronting technology users, especially those in today’s workplaces. It is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners and managers, freelance consultants, and anyone who works with technology but in organizations which may or may not have IT departments.

Capstone Research Project

  • HES 590 Special Problems Human Environmental Studies: This course is taken as the last course required for the specialization. It is a culminating experience that drawls from ALL coursework. This is taken in the last semester. Required to be completed prior to the Capstone registration: CSM 506, CSM 507, CSM 508 and either HES 508 or HES 509

Please note that courses are subject to change.