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Curriculum - MS in HES (Restaurant & Hospitality Management)

The MS is HES (Restaurant and Hospitality Management) consists of 30 credit hours. Students have the option of completing a thesis or non-thesis track. A student will need to have taken the following classes prior to taking graduate courses: 1) Food and Beverage 2) Hotel Operations and 3) Statistical Data Analysis (ST 260 offered each semester).

Fall Semester (choose 9-12 hours)

  • RHM 521 Hospitality Law
  • RHM 576 Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • RHM 596 Seminar in Hospitality Management
  • Elective or Prerequisite*

Spring Semester (choose 9-12 hours)

  • HES 509 Research Method
  • RHM 570 Leadership in the Hospitality Industry
  • RHM 575 Financial Management and Hospitality Operations
  • Elective for non-thesis or RHM 599 Research Hours for thesis track

Summer (choose 6-10 Hours)

  • RHM 592 Special Problems in Hospitality Management**
  • Elective for non-thesis or RHM 599 Research Hours for thesis track

Please note that courses are subject to change.

*Students who have not completed an undergraduate course in Statistics within the past 3 years are required to take either an undergraduate or graduate course in Statistics (undergraduate course will not count toward graduate credit).

**Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor to begin discussing special problem topics during the first 10 weeks of their first semester in graduate school.