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Advanced-Standing DL Program - Master of Social Work (MSW)

Students with BSW degrees from CSWE-accredited programs may be admitted to advanced standing in the MSW program if they meet special admission criteria. In addition to meeting the general admission requirements, students may have no more than one 'C' in professional-level social work courses; must have at least a 'B' average in professional foundation courses; and must have a 'B' or better in field education. Advanced-standing students fulfill professional foundation requirements by successfully completing 'bridge' courses typically offered in the spring or summer before beginning the concentration year.

Spring or Summer Semester Bridge Courses
SW 570  Research - Informed Practice
SW 577 Components of Human Development and Social Systems
SW 578 Social Welfare Policies and Delivery Systems, Social Problems, and the History of Social Welfare
SW 579 Components of Social Work Practice
Total Semester Hours = 12

Concentration Year
(Concentration courses are offered primarily online with face-to-face skills labs)
Concentrations Available:
Social Work with Children, Adolescents and their Families
Social Work with Adults and their Families

Concentration Year Courses
Advanced standing students who complete their bridge courses in spring may take electives in the summer; they may also take SW 501 and/or SW 525 when those courses are offered in the summer. Enrollment may be limited because of course size limitations.

Fall Semester
SW 532 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice with Adults in Mental Health*
SW 533  Models and Methods of Gerontological Social Work Practice*
SW 564 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents in Mental Health*
SW 565 Models and Methods of Social Work Practice in Child Welfare and Family Services*
SW 525 Evaluation Research or an Elective (3 hours)
Total Semester Hours = 15

Spring Semester
SW 501 Advanced Social Welfare Policy Analysis or an Elective
SW 595 Field Education - 500 clock hours (9 hours)
Elective (3 hours)
Total Semester Hours = 15

Electives Typically Offered Every Year:
SW 506 Social Service Planning and Program Development
SW 513 Practice in Health Care
SW 514 Chemical Dependency
SW 515 Psychopathology
SW 523 Family Preservation
SW 528 Spirituality and Social Work Practice
SW 529 Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice
SW 536 Social Service Program and Agency Administration
SW 549 Crisis Intervention

* Courses with skills labs

This program requires a field placement component and it is the student’s responsibility to secure a site for the field placement.