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Curriculum - MA in Secondary Education (Reading Specialist P-12 Certification)

Students are required to take the following courses:

  • CIE 577 Second Language Acquisition  
  • CRD 511 Beginning Reading in PK-Primary Grades
  • CRD 593 Practicum in Literacy Coaching - covers students in a variety of grade levels
  • CRD 595 Practicum - covering PK-2nd grade
  • CRD 510 Expanding Reading in the Elementary Grades
  • CRD 695 Advanced Practicum in Reading Education - covering 3rd - 6th grade
  • CRD 696 Advanced Reading Specialist Practicum - covering middle and high school students
  • CEE 565 Classics & Modern Literature for Children 

or CSE 555 Adolescent Literature

  • CEE 517 The Language Arts Program in Elementary Schools 

or CSE 563 Improving English Instruction - View a sample of this course where students complete an interactive matching activity which pairs important English education concepts and their corresponding definitions.

  • CRD 590 Seminar in Literacy Coaching
  • CRD 654 Assessment & Instruction of At-Risk Readers
  • BER 500 Introduction to Educational Research 

or BER 550 Evaluation of Classroom Learning (only for those who have not taken an evaluation of classroom learning course)

All courses are offered online.

Additional Requirements

  • Special education survey course (if not previously completed)
  • Foundations course (if not previously completed)

In order to receive Alabama Class A Reading Specialist P-12 certification, individuals must hold Alabama Class B certification and complete the course requirements including 300 clock-hours of supervised practicum. Additionally, students must pass a comprehensive exam and the Praxis  for Reading Specialist.

Please note that courses are subject to change.