Courses - MA in Rehabilitation Counseling

The MA in Rehabilitation Counseling is a 48-credit-hour program, including six (6) credit hours of internship.

Required Courses (48 credit hours)
BCE 512: Counseling: Theory and Process
BCE 513: Career Development
BCE 514: Counseling Skills
BCE 521: Group: Process and Procedures
BCE 540: Orientation to Rehabilitation Counseling
BCE 542: Medical, Functional, and Environmental Aspects of Disability I
BCE 548: Medical, Functional, and Environmental Aspects of Disability II
BCE 611: Multicultural Counseling
BCE 522: Individual and Group Appraisal
BER 500: Research Methods in Education
BEP 550: Life Span Development
BCE 633: Advanced Seminar - Substance Abuse
Any approved elective (typically BCE 626 Readings in Counseling)
BCE 546: Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling
BCE 547: Internship in Rehabilitation Counseling

This program requires a field placement component and it is the student’s responsibility to secure a site for the field placement.