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Current Students - MA in Health Studies (Health Promotion)

Registration Hours

Students will only be allowed to register for 12 hours in the fall and spring semesters. Only under extreme circumstances, as determined by the UA Graduate School and the Department of Health Science, will students be allowed to register for 15 hours in a given semester. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to register for more than 15 hours. Students can register for a maximum of 9 hours during the summer semester.

Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is designed to evaluate the student's knowledge and understanding of key concepts presented in required courses. Students MUST complete all required courses before they are eligible for comps and will not be allowed to register/sit for comps if they have an "N" in any required course. In addition, it is strongly recommended comps are completed before beginning elective course work. Students register for the exam by submitting the comprehensive exam check list. Access the forms here.

Comprehensive Exam Dates

The last day for comprehensive exams for distance students is always:

  • 2nd Wednesday in February to graduate in May
  • 2nd Wednesday in September to graduate in December
  • 2nd Wednesday in May to graduate in August

Graduation Checklist

To better help you plan for successful completion of your Masters Degree in Health Studies, this graduation checklist was developed.

  • Submit Comprehensive Exam Checklist during the final semester after registering for required courses.
  • Sit for Comprehensive Exam after completing 18 hour required course requirement.
  • Submit Application for degree through myBama.
  • Complete remaining course work.
  • Pay Graduation fee through myBama one month prior to graduation.

Please contact Dr. Brian Gordon with any questions or concerns.

Student Handbook

Access the MA Distance Student Handbook here.