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Curriculum - MA in Special Education (Gifted and Talented Certification)

The master of arts degree program offers courses, following state guidelines, that lead to master's-level teacher certification. An educator graduating from the program will be eligible to apply for certification in the area of Gifted and Talented P-12 students.

Required Courses

  • SPE 581 Psychology of Gifted and Talented Children and Youth
  • SPE 582 Teaching the Gifted and Talented
  • SPE 583 Creative Problem Solving Seminar
  • SPE 584 Special Populations in Gifted Education
  • SPE 585 Teaching Thinking Skills: Integrating Programs
  • SPE 589 Internship in Gifted and Talented - Summer Enrichment Workshop
  • SPE 589 Internship in Gifted and Talented (or 3 approved hours from a previous master's-level certification program)
  • SPE 501 Diagnosis and Assessment of Exceptional Children and Youth
  • Foundations Course - approved by advisor


  • SPE 606 Topical Seminar in Special Education: Bibliotherapy for Exceptional Students - suggested course; other electives must be approved by advisor.
  • SPE 500 Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth is required for those who have not taken a special education survey course and is not included in the 30 credit hours.

Total = 30 credit hours

Please note that courses are subject to change.