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Alternative MA - Gifted and Talented Program

Students must complete the following deficiency courses prior to admission:

  • EDU 200
  • BEF 362
  • SPE 304
  • HD 101

Required Courses
SPE 581:
Psychology of Gifted and Talented Children and Youth
SPE 582: Teaching the Gifted and Talented
SPE 583: Creative Problem Solving Seminar
SPE 584: Special Populations in Gifted Education
SPE 585: Teaching Thinking Skills: Integrating Programs
SPE 589: Internship in Gifted and Talented - Summer Enrichment Workshop
SPE 589: Internship in Gifted and Talented
SPE 501: Diagnosis and Assessment of Exceptional Children and Youth
SPE 500: Introduction to Exceptional Children and Youth
BER 550: Evaluation of Classroom Learning
CAT 531: Computer-Based Instructional Technologies
CRD 512: Improvement of Reading in Secondary Schools
SPE 586: Social Components of Talent Development
SPE 587: Addressing Individual Needs and Talents in the Classroom

SPE 606:
Topical Seminar in Special Education: Bibliotherapy for Exceptional Students - suggested course; other electives must be approved by advisor.

Total = 48 credit hours

Students must pass the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program: Basic Skills Assessment and a written comprehensive exam in order to complete the program.